Honduras is a country of great cultural and natural wealth. Here you can see some tourist plans to do before or after the conference.

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Why San Pedro Sula?

If you search for this city on the Internet, you will probably find articles that say it is the most dangerous city in the world. Hardly a suitable choice for a conference, some will say, but the reality is another.

In terms of danger, San Pedro Sula is below cities that few people would fear to visit, such as Acapulco, La Paz, Fortaleza, Baltimore and Recife. (according to This admirable transformation process is described in this New York Times article: See Article

San Pedro Sula is a thriving and friendly city that has a competitive hotel infrastructure, that is why high-level international conferences are permanently held in this city. By the way, the conference will take place at the Copantl Hotel & Convention Center.

San Pedro Sula is strategically located to visit notable attractions. For example: See Attractions

Finally, for the organizers the decision to make the conference in San Pedro Sula also has a strategic purpose: Tourism is one of the most powerful instruments for job creation, but also not just any job; Tourism is the most inclusive economic sector for women, youth, people with disabilities and the ethnic population. We deliberately want to counteract the pernicious effect of the "labeling" of San Pedro Sula, which makes Honduras not stand out as a potential destination when tourists look for options for their vacations causing the wasting of the great natural, social, cultural potential that this country offers. In this way we want to support the generation of thousands of jobs that discourage emigration.

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