This international conference is the continuation of an effort of 60 experts on socio-economic development issues that in January 2017 agreed in Lima, Peru, to create the Latin American Network for Market Systems Development. The objective of this network is to promote dialogue, collaboration and mobilization around important issues, for the development of markets that contribute to poverty reduction in the region and to increasing inclusion, productivity, efficiency and the protection of the environment.

Main Objective of the Conference

Create convergence, mutual learning, and collaboration between individuals and organizations working to create inclusive market systems and those who study, use, and promote technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4th IR).

The Inclusive Market Systems Development Approach is a way of understanding and intervening in markets that are important to people experiencing poverty. It focuses on the underlying causes of the under performance of these markets and seeks to improve their levels of inclusion, efficiency and productivity in order to create lasting impacts on a large scale. For more information: see links to the frameworks in the Library.

Motivations for the Conference

Many people wonder how to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the region. The advent of the 4th IR increases our uncertainties, but it also opens up new possibilities in areas such as employment, migration, business development and innovation, competitiveness, and sustainable urban development.

  • How can the Inclusive Market Systems Development (MSD) approach help us discover and leverage the fascinating opportunities of the 4th IR?
  • What is its potential to mitigate the potential negative effects on businesses, institutions, and communities?
  • How should we adapt the approach to make the most of the 4th IR?
  • What are the ethical implications of the 4th IR?

Our main motivation is to create a convergence between experts in MSD and the 4th IR that allows them to learn from each other and create dialogues and collaborations that go beyond the conference.


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